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For the seasoned Chinese cigarettes on the hunt for an unforgettable smoke or the newcomer with a developing palate, QI Cigarettes is your place for an extraordinary smoking experience. Our dedicated staff of cigarette experts has gathered a gigantic, unrivaled inventory of Chinese cigarettes like Chunghwa cigarettes and Hongtashan Cigarettes , as well as imported Esse Cigarettes to accommodate your distinct tastes.

So how can QI Cigarettes assist you on your quest to the perfect Chinese cigarettes? Well, it’s pretty simple:

  • Affordability. 99% of the time, you’ll find the cigarette(s) and items you want at the lowest prices on the web. We’d love to say 100% of the time, but that’d be an impossible lie – and true gentlemen aren’t liars.
  • Selection. We sell just about every Chinese and imported cigarettes from $20 to $300.00 each carton. A carton of cigarettes usually contains 10 packs, totaling 200 cigarettes. Choose from carton from different Chinese cigarette brands.
  • Convenience. Our online shopping cart makes it incredibly easy to modify, add and/or remove items from your order any time you want.
  • Support. If you know exactly what type of cigarette you want – or have absolutely no idea where to begin – our Cigarette Search will pinpoint your taste and set you on the right path.
  • Discount. Shop for brands you love on sale. Discounted double happiness cigarettes, chunghwa cigarettes, nanjing cigarettes and more on the last two days of each month!
  • Speed. When you submit an order by 3:00pm GMT+8 Monday through Saturday, it will be shipped out in 48 hours – guaranteed. This is ensures freshness and a quick delivery.
  • Customs Clearance Rate. No matter what kind of cigarette you buy, you may encounter customs inspections during the shipping process. We have established a unique logistics channel. In the process of shipping cigarettes, we will refer to the customs regulations of each country and operate within the scope permitted by the policy to avoid tariffs for you.. And if you encounter customs inspections, don’t worry – check here.
  • Shipping. Check Qi’s Shipping Information and have your favorite Chinese cigarettes delivered right to your country – at no extra charge. It’s easy as knowing your country we can ship.

It comes down to you – your experience, your convenience, your budget and your satisfaction. We’ve got years of Chinese cigarettes knowledge under our belt and we’re happy to share it in order to help guide you on that invigorating, sense-seducing adventure that is enjoying a Chinese cigarette.

If you don’t know how to buy Chinese cigarettes from us , you can read the guide about How to Buy Chinese Cigarettes (Step-by-Step Guide in 2020)

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