Frequently Asked Questions

A package can only send two at most; one address can only send one package a day if your product is larger than two: (1) multiple addresses can be provided, multiple packages can be sent in one day (2) only one address can be consecutive A parcel is sent every day until the goods are finished.
All cigarettes are shipped domestically, so no face-to-face transactions are supported. Since international courier does not have a collection function, it does not support cash on delivery at the moment, please forgive me.
The order is the default postal parcel delivery, which can be delivered to your door. The waybill number query can be queried using EMS official website and 17track. Check the website: www.ems.com.cn Www.17track.net/zh-cn
1 Arrange the delivery within 48 hours after the order is placed; 2 parts of hot products, or products that need to be booked in advance; scheduled products are shipped within 2 working days; 3 In case of holidays, the delivery will be postponed; 4 All orders have a courier waybill number to track logistics information at any time.
Unpacking is to split a whole piece into ten small package carton packages. There are two advantages: First, the carton protection is better, which can reduce the damage of violent express delivery. Second, according to our accumulated experience over many years, it is easier to clear customs after unpacking. Therefore, it is recommended to buy one and choose one unpacking, only ten more but more safe and secure.
All the items on the website are for sale, and only two cartons of Chinese cigarette for each package! The total price of the goods to the station = the actual price of the product + service fee (including shipping)
1. Bank transfer 2. Western Union 3. Alipay 4. WeChat 6. Payoneer 6. Paypal
We cooperate with domestic large-scale cigarette monopoly supermarkets to purchase, complete qualifications, to ensure authentic! Delivered to the door through the international logistics system.