DongChongXiaCao Herun Slim Cigarettes

DongChongXiaCao Herun Slim Cigarettes


DongChongXiaCao Herun Cigarettes¬† have always been a representative of high-end tobacco in Inner Mongolia. It is also launched today following the popularity of fine branches, and it is named “Herun”. The material group is prepared with imported flavors, and added with high-quality Chinese herbal extracts such as Cordyceps sinensis, American ginseng, etc., to make the finished cigarettes smell beautiful, full-bodied and unique, and elegant and elegant.

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Product Specifications
Type Flue-cured
Tar amount 5mg
Smoke nicotine 0.5mg
Carbon monoxide amount 5mg
Length 97mm
Package Tyle pack and carton
Single pack (package) count 20 cigarettes
A carton (package) count 10 packs
Product Brand
Brand Dong Chong Xia Cao
Product Price Each Carton

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Dong Chong Xia Cao


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