Shipping Information

Shipping Information

Due to logistics problem in China , the package is not currently shipped to any countries from March 2023.

Our cigarette purchased to the world, quality fidelity, speed delivery, courteous service, is a reliable website for domestic cigarette purchase. We have established in-depth cooperation with many domestic express delivery companies, and freight experts will adjust the delivery method according to customs conditions.

After the first payment, the goods will be dispatched within 48 hours after the payment is made. After the delivery, the customer service personnel will send the notice of the waybill number. During the period, the logistics information will be tracked in real time, and the package will also send a notice when it arrives overseas.

The delivery time varies according to the customs regulations in your area. Generally, the Americas can receive it about seven days after the order is placed, and the Australian area can receive it about ten days after the order is placed.

After the order is shipped, the order number will be updated on the order status. You will receive a delivery confirmation notice with the package waybill number. You can log in to the relevant courier company website to check the status of your package.




Usually you can also check the parcels of all courier companies on the global logistics comprehensive inquiry platform:

After the parcel is issued, the courier company will collect the parcel entry information, and the status of the tracking information will be updated after 1 working day.

1.Delivery Country

Delivery Country
No. Country No. Country No. Country No. Country No. Country No. Country No. Country No. Country
1 Ireland 2 Netherlands 3 Turkey 2 Austria 5 Canada 6 Ukraine 7 Australia 8 Luxembourg
9 Spain 10 Brazil 11 Malaysia 12 Greece 13 Belgium 14 United States 15 Singapore 16 Poland
17 Mexico 18 New Zealand 19 Denmark 20 Norway 21 Hungary 22 Germany 23 Portugal 24 Israel
25 Russia 26 Japan 27 Italy 28 France 29 Sweden 30 Indonesia 31 Finland 32 Switzerland
33 United Kingdom 34 Kazakhstan 35 Saudi Arabia 36 Vietnam 37 South Korea 38 Thailand 39 Hong Kong, China

2.Shipping Time

Shipping Time
Country Business Days Country Business Days Country Business Days Country Business Days Country Business Days Country Business Days
New Zealand 7 to 15 Days United Kingdom 6 to 12 Days Germany 7 to 12 Days Belgium 6 to 10 Days Netherlands 6 to 12 Days Denmark 7 to 12 Days
Australia 6 to 12 Days United States 3 to 8 Days Canada 5 to 12 Days Italy 7 to 15 Days France 6 to 10 Days Ireland 6 to 10 Days

After delivery, the number of days of arrival in each country: (some countries are not listed, please contact customer service)